“Chris Natrop – Silver Sun Afterglow” Exhibition Extended through August 27


Nancy Toomey Fine Art has extended its current Chris Natrop exhibition Silver Sun Afterglow through Saturday, August 27, 2016. Come see these beautiful hand-cut works on paper before the show ends.


Chris Natrop, Ultra Vivid Aftermath 1-9, 2016, Acrylic, Aluminum Powder, Paper, Wood Frame, 80 x 80 Inches All, 26 x 26 Inches Each

Natrop has two new publications. The book entitled Chris Natrop – Commissions, 2016 – 2010 includes his recent installation at Facebook, and the other Chris Natrop – Exhbitions & Installations, 2016-2010 includes Silver Sun Afterglow at Nancy Toomey Fine Art.


Chris Natrop, Gold Frame Citrus Redux 1, 2, 3, 2016, Watercolor, Glitter, Paper with Brass Frame, Velvet, 33 x 33 Inches Each

“Silver Sun Afterglow transforms the gallery using hand cut paper in a range of painting color patterns and effects. These intricately cut paper silhouettes become a hybrid of natural and synthetic form–a loosely-faceted environment evolving within a fantastical trajectory. This exhibition responds to Natrop’s obsession with post-apocalyptic sentiments, specifically his current disillusionment with water resources. The installation takes shape through an array of cut-paper formations: various ceiling-hung conglomerations, site-specific wall reliefs, and interrelated framed works.”


Chris Natrop, Yellow Tempest Twist, 2015, Watercolor, Metal Powder, Glitter, Paper, 90 x 72 Inches

“Silver Sun Afterglow is an irrepressible tangle of life, a hybrid-world twisting and clinging to its sterile confines: a fractured landscape in the natural process of reconfiguration.”


Chris Natrop – Exhibitions & Installations, 2016 – 2010
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Chris Natrop – Commissions, 2016 – 2010
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Chris Natrop – Silver Sun Afterglow
Now through August 27, 2016


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