Artwork in the Nancy Toomey Fine Art Beauty in Lockdown Catalogue

GREGG RENFROW, Fantin-Latour, 2020
Polymer, Pigment on Cast Acrylic, 48 x 48 Inches

Gregg Renfrow, based in the Bay Area, works on acrylic panels that allow light to filter through the pigment. The result is an illumination of color and form subtly projected from the surface of the work. While looking at this painting, the bands of color may appear suspended in real time and space. Renfrow achieves this discoloration, or dematerialization of the painted image, by pouring polymer over acrylic panels. He is very careful not to interrupt the runs of paint with the unpredictable effects of the human hand. The impression from the contact of carefully applied pigment and transparent support is that the process has occurred by itself through some unknown power or force… More »

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Thoughts on Lockdown

Gregg Renfrow, photo by John Wilson White

Stay Inspired.

Laugh a lot.

Don’t attempt to avoid the Crapulence.

Do not wallow in it.

Stay Inspired.

Laugh a lot.

Wash your hands.


-Gregg Renfrow



Exhibition at Nancy Toomey Fine Art
Closer to the Water – January 30 to March 2, 2020



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