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MIYA ANDO, Gekkou (Moonlight) November 4, 2017
Pigment, Silver Leaf, Arches Paper, 45.5 x 34.5 Inches Framed

This work on paper entitled Gekkou, the Japanese word for moonlight, continues New York based Miya Ando’s exploration of the exchange and relationship between material and the evanescent qualities of nocturnal light. Comprised of silver leaf and pigment on Arches paper, they invite the viewer to recognize the fleeting qualities of light, and of time itself… More »

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Artsy’s “7 Artists on the Self-Care Rituals that Keep Them Creative”

Miya Ando’s practice transforms ancient Buddhist techniques and ideas into contemporary art, so it’s no surprise that her self-care rituals honor generations past. She prays every morning, she said, to help her “focus and concentrate.” The act also pays homage to her grandfather, who worked as a Buddhist priest in Japan. Prayer reminds her of family, comforts her, and helps her set intentions for her art practice.
During the pandemic, she said, “my primary goal is equanimity and quietude or calm.” Her rituals help her stay focused and remain disciplined. Ando’s own ability to bring tranquility to her viewers is evident in her transcendent abstractions, the gauzy fabrics in her installations, and her sculptures that bring natural elements (wood, images of clouds) into the gallery setting.



Miya Ando 銀河 Ginga (Silver River) Large-Scale Installation, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York

Miya Ando, 銀河 Ginga (Silver River), 2019, Steel and Fabric, 10 x 3.5 x 200 Feet

“I was commissioned by The Socrates Sculpture park last year to create this installation for their “Chronos Cosmos” exhibition. The Japanese word ‘ginga’ means ‘the silver river or Milky Way galaxy)’ and inspired this piece.”


Miya Ando Clouds Exhibition at The Noguchi Museum, New York

Miya Ando, Clouds Exhibition, 2018, Solid Glass Sculptures, Noguchi Museum, New York


Miya Ando Sora Versailles Large-Scale Installation, Versailles Hotel, Miami Beach Commissioned by Faena Art for Art Basel Miami

Miya Ando, Sora Versailles, 2018, Versailles Hotel, Miami Beach

“I was commissioned in 2018 by Faena Art, Miami Beach, Florida to create this commission. The title ‘Sora’ is the Japanese word for ‘sky’ but has an alternate meaning of ’emptiness or void’. The landmark Versailles hotel was clad in images of sunset and sunrise, this work was an exercise in dematerialization.”



Oborozuki (Moon Obscured by Clouds)

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