Artwork in the Nancy Toomey Fine Art Beauty in Lockdown Catalogue

AUDREY TULIMIERO WELCH, Holus Bolus (All at Once), 2018
Acrylic On Canvas, 42 x 48 Inches

Audrey Tulimiero Welch’s abstracted layered paintings can be read as a metaphoric map that contains, in its embedded layers, personal stories and lived relationships of daily life. Holus Bolus has a unique genesis. In the fall of 2017, during an open studios event, Welch invited the public to collaborate with her on this painting. She selected three specific maps and had them available to transfer on the surface with a gel medium transfer technique. On the side of the painting, in pencil are written the names of her collaborators. The choice of maps coincided with two significant events, one personal and one global: she and her family had recently returned to the United States after living fifteen years abroad, and the Nigerian refugee crisis was in full swing. The maps selected included a topographical of her new hometown Tacoma, and the broad lines intersecting the picture plane in this painting was sourced from a map that traced the walking routes of Nigerian refugees traveling on foot from Niger to the Cameroon border… More »

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Thoughts on Lockdown

Hello Friends,

During these unprecedented times it is challenging to find meaning and sense with all the suffering around us. It seems a time for gentle resilience, for staying steady, and to greet with curiosity both the subtle and significant changes impacting our daily life, our communities and the world at large. Personally, the one consistent thread throughout these past months has been showing up at my studio.  If there was ever a time to rally absolute faith in one's purpose and value as an artist, now seems to be the time! 

In the studio it has been a time of letting go of any self-doubt about the quality of my work, the direction of my work, and most of all its validity.  In small ways I am focusing my energies on cutting loose; opening the doors, the windows and ramparts; trusting the work that presents itself.  Then go home, greet my family, cook a meal, call friends or read a book.

Most of all I am grateful for each of you and invite you grab a cup of coffee and peruse the stunning online catalogue, Beauty in Lockdown, curated by Nancy Toomey, listen an Artist Talk I gave in January at the Russo Lee Gallery in Portland, and read a recent interview with the brilliant Lisa Kellner; all with the hope that some of it may spark hope, an idea, or some inspiration!  I would love to hear back from you.

In the weeks and months ahead go gentle with yourself, your family and the stranger you encounter,





Audrey Tulimiero Welch Interviewed by Lisa Kellner

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Exhibition at Nancy Toomey Fine Art
Tree Map Body – June 21 to August 12, 2017



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Tree Map Body