Nancy Toomey Fine Art has extended its current Chris Natrop exhibition Silver Sun Afterglow through Saturday, August 27, 2016. Come see these beautiful hand-cut works on paper before the show ends.


Chris Natrop, Ultra Vivid Aftermath 1-9, 2016, Acrylic, Aluminum Powder, Paper, Wood Frame, 80 x 80 Inches All, 26 x 26 Inches Each

Natrop has two new publications. The book entitled Chris Natrop – Commissions, 2016 – 2010 includes his recent installation at Facebook, and the other Chris Natrop – Exhbitions & Installations, 2016-2010 includes Silver Sun Afterglow at Nancy Toomey Fine Art.


Chris Natrop, Gold Frame Citrus Redux 1, 2, 3, 2016, Watercolor, Glitter, Paper with Brass Frame, Velvet, 33 x 33 Inches Each

“Silver Sun Afterglow transforms the gallery using hand cut paper in a range of painting color patterns and effects. These intricately cut paper silhouettes become a hybrid of natural and synthetic form–a loosely-faceted environment evolving within a fantastical trajectory. This exhibition responds to Natrop’s obsession with post-apocalyptic sentiments, specifically his current disillusionment with water resources. The installation takes shape through an array of cut-paper formations: various ceiling-hung conglomerations, site-specific wall reliefs, and interrelated framed works.”


Chris Natrop, Yellow Tempest Twist, 2015, Watercolor, Metal Powder, Glitter, Paper, 90 x 72 Inches

“Silver Sun Afterglow is an irrepressible tangle of life, a hybrid-world twisting and clinging to its sterile confines: a fractured landscape in the natural process of reconfiguration.”


Chris Natrop – Exhibitions & Installations, 2016 – 2010
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Chris Natrop – Commissions, 2016 – 2010
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Chris Natrop – Silver Sun Afterglow
Now through August 27, 2016


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