Gabe Scott wrote an excellent piece in Juxtapoz Magazine on the exhibition Miya Ando – Atmosphere, on view at Nancy Toomey Fine Art through June 29, 2016.

Miya Ando “Atmosphere”

By Gabe Scott – June 14, 2016

Former Bay Area resident Miya Ando returns with a new body of work, entitled Atmosphere, at Nancy Toomey Fine Art at Minnesota Street Project. An avid materialist and descendant of Japanese sword maker Ando Yoshiko Masakatsu, Miya Ando introduces a new technique involving woven silver fibers into a gossamer textile, the qualities of which are enhanced by the application by patina, allowing for the manipulation of the reflected light. The subtlety of emotion of these works cannot be understated; they softly coax attention and gradually draw the viewer closer in order to encourage the relationship and exchange between material and the appropriated light. The contemplative, opalescent static displays seem to insinuate varying degrees of movement throughout the contours of her materials while the connection between mood and chromatic characteristics are evaluated in tandem with each material’s inherent properties.

Her abstract creations frequently contemplate a relationship between the traditional techniques of her Japanese heritage with the complexities of modern industrial technologies. The fascination revolving around the evanescent qualities of light and how they relate to the transitory nature of life itself, also serve as a constant reflection in to the artist’s spirituality as a practicing buddhist. Considering the metaphysical depth of Ando’s practice, it is important to consider some foundations lie in (or on) the surface. Gradients and their inherent possibilities are an intrinsic component as well; the use of patina, heat, sanders, acid and other tools which render the material’s chemical properties until the proper stasis has been achieved. —Gabe Scott

Link – Juxtapoz Magazine – “Miya Ando ‘Atmosphere'”
Download – Juxtapoz Magazine – “Miya ‘Atmosphere’” (PDF)

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