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Nancy Toomey Fine Art is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works by Los Angeles based artist Chris Natrop entitled Silver Sun Afterglow. The exhibition runs July 2 to August 27, 2016, at Nancy Toomey Fine Art, 1275 Minnesota Street, in San Francisco.

03_w_Chris_Natrop--Liminal_Nimbus-Lilt,_2016_(Detail_1)_9ft_x_36ft_Acrylic,_Aluminum_Powder,_Glitter_on_PaperChris Natrop, Liminal Nimbus Lilt, 2016, (Detail)  Acrylic, Aluminum Powder, and Glitter on Paper, 9 x 41 Feet

After firmly establishing himself in the art scene in San Francisco with exhibitions at notable museums, galleries, and art centers, Chris Natrop moved to Los Angeles in 2006. He now brings his exquisite hand-cut paper installations back to San Francisco for his first solo exhibition at Nancy Toomey Fine Art.

03c_w_Chris_Natrop--Liminal_Nimbus-Lilt,_2016_(Detail_4)_9ft_x_36ft_Acrylic,_Aluminum_Powder,_Glitter_on_PaperChris Natrop, Liminal Nimbus Lilt, 2016, (Detail) Acrylic, Aluminum Powder, and Glitter on Paper, 9 x 41 Feet

As working with paper reaches its heyday in the art world, Natrop has proved himself a forerunner of the medium. He began cutting paper in 2001, after he was dissatisfied with a charcoal drawing he was working on. He began to cut the drawing apart directly on the wall, using a crude box-cutting knife which today remains his tool of choice. Executed free-form and exclusively with a knife, his process has evolved into a stream-of-consciousness drawing technique that has continued to evolve and develop. The methodical, repetitive unintentionality of his drawing process results in color washed paper forms that appear at once ethereal and organically chaotic. Shifting forms of pattern, shadow, and silhouette intertwine to become complex, unified landscapes. Agility and innovation combine to create delicate images of flora and fauna that immerse the viewer in a world wholly imagined yet entirely specific.

02b_w_Chris_Natrop--Yellow_Tempest_Twist,_2015_90in_x_72in_Watercolor,_Metal_Powder,_Glitter,_PaperChris Natrop, Yellow Tempest Twist, 2015, Watercolor, Metal Powder, Glitter, Paper, 90 x 72 Inches

In Silver Sun Afterglow, Natrop transforms the gallery using hand cut paper with a range of painting color patterns and effects. These intricately cut paper silhouettes are a hybrid of natural and synthetic form–a loosely-faceted environment evolving within a fantastical trajectory. This exhibition responds to his obsession with post-apocalyptic sentiments, specifically his current disillusionment with water resources. The installation will take shape through an array of cut-paper formations: various ceiling-hung conglomerations, site-specific wall reliefs, and interrelated framed works. In his words, “Silver Sun Afterglow is an irrepressible tangle of life, a hybrid-world twisting and clinging to its sterile confines, a fractured landscape in the natural process of reconfiguration.”

Artist Chris Natrop

Born in 1967 in Milwaukee, Chris Natrop grew up in Hartland, Wisconsin and relocated to California after receiving his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1992. After receiving his BFA in Chicago he was an affiliate artist at the Headland Center for the Arts in Sausalito, CA. He has shown his work throughout the US and Europe and has recently completed a series of commissioned public sculptures in Dubai, China, Houston, and Los Angeles. In 2012 Natrop installed a temporary work in Terminal One of the Los Angeles International Airport, which was housed in an 18 foot glass case. In 2016 he completed site specific works for Facebook’s Playa Vista and Menlo Park campuses. Natrop is a recipient of several awards, including the Pulse Prize at Pulse New York, and is included in numerous public and private collections.

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