Nancy Toomey Fine Art is featuring works by Peter Halasz, Andy Harper, and Chris Natrop around the theme of nature reimagined this week, from the Beauty in Lockdown catalogue. These three artists share an exploration into the multiplicity and complexity of nature, rendering works that often challenge our habitual modes of seeing. Agility and innovation combine to create images of flora and fauna that immerse the viewer in works imagined, yet specific. Whether hyper saturated and psychedelic, or haunting and hallucinatory, these paintings exist solely within their own realm. They appear familiar and strange in equal measure, expressing a deep desire to see beyond the mundane. The created pictorial surfaces and compositions become, in the words of Harper, “a record, not of the visual world, but of thought.”


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PETER HALASZ, Blue Haze, 2016
Oil on Panel, 33 x 39.5 Inches

Los Angeles based Peter Halasz’s technique of layering glazed monochromatic colors, in both still life and portraiture, results in haunting, hallucinatory images that exist solely within their own realm. His images suggest a coming in, and moving away from, a conjured light that exists only in some half remembered dream. These psychologically charged tableaus rendered in seductive tones of ochre, petal pink, and foggy gray, set a mood where the familiar world ends and a less finite one begins. Taking his inspiration from sources as disparate as 19th century romanticism, the music of The Cure, and the Light and Space movement, the work remains distinctly his own… More »


ANDY HARPER, Untitled, 2010
Oil on Canvas, 17.75 x 21.75 Inches

United Kingdom based Andy Harper’s original, and now abandoned, title for this piece was Double Slit, a reference to the double-slit experiment, which in modern physics is a demonstration that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles. Whether conjuring a scene from a parallel botanical world, working abstractly or opening up a dialogue with an appropriated image, Harper’s method of painting is the same. A membrane of transparent paint is spread across the slippery surface of the support. Brushes and various implements are brought in contact with this sensitive and ever moveable layer of oily paint. Working in this only when wet technique provides a window of opportunity to act upon the surface… More »


CHRIS NATROP, Matrix Nouveau 2, 2017
Acrylic and Glitter on Cut Paper, 44 x 48 Inches Unframed

Executed free-form and exclusively with a knife, Los Angeles based Chris Natrop’s process has evolved into a stream-of-consciousness drawing technique that has continued to evolve and develop. The methodical, repetitive unintentionality of his drawing process results in color-washed paper forms that appear at once ethereal and organically chaotic. Shifting forms of pattern, shadow, and silhouette intertwine to become complex, unified landscapes. Agility and innovation combine to create delicate images of flora and fauna that immerse the viewer in a world wholly imagined yet entirely specific… More »


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