Artwork in the Nancy Toomey Fine Art Beauty in Lockdown Catalogue

PETER HALASZ, Blue Haze, 2016
Oil on Panel, 33 x 39.5 Inches

Los Angeles based Peter Halasz’s technique of layering glazed monochromatic colors, in both still life and portraiture, results in haunting, hallucinatory images that exist solely within their own realm. His images suggest a coming in, and moving away from, a conjured light that exists only in some half remembered dream. These psychologically charged tableaus rendered in seductive tones of ochre, petal pink, and foggy gray, set a mood where the familiar world ends and a less finite one begins. Taking his inspiration from sources as disparate as 19th century romanticism, the music of The Cure, and the Light and Space movement, the work remains distinctly his own… More »

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Large-scale Painting Commission and Music Album Release

Peter Halasz is working on a commission for a 16′ x 7′ vertical starscape painting. These two canvases will be bolted together to form one 16′ vertical piece.

Photo by Dessa Kirk

In addition to painting, Halasz also makes music and is preparing for the release of a new album with his band Flood Flower. This is a still from a forthcoming music video, and the album cover art.





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